momentary thing. (firequakes) wrote,
momentary thing.

* this post is for augmenti;

okay, i might have gone a little overboard, forgive me?

  1. f.t island: jonghun/hongki

  2. f.t island: jonghun/seunghyun

  3. f.t island/snsd: jonghun/jessica

  4. f.t island/younha: minhwan/younha or seunghyun/younha

  5. f.t island/after school: seunghyun/lizzy

  6. 91line: jaejin/key

  7. 93line: iu/jiyeon(/luna)

  8. t-blaq: mir/jiyeon

  9. miss a: min/suzy
    or min ~educating~ suzy ifyouknowwhatimean

  10. t-ara: soyeon/jiyeon

i included 2-3 prompts per pairing because i couldn't help myself :( so you'd have more choices, lmao. (ok yeah ik. i really went overboard. ;~;)
Tags: %miscellaneous, ilu kit ♡
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